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10 Years Of Akala Triple Vinyl + Lyric Book & Photo Diary


Release Date: 23/09/2016

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- 10 Years Of Akala Triple Vinyl Collection
- 10 Years Of Akala Lyric Book & Photo Diary

Triple Vinyl Collection

To celebrate 10 years since the release of It's Not Rumour Akala and Illa State will be releasing a limited edition Triple vinyl containing selected tracks from each of Akala's 6 solo albums chosen by you – our long term supporters – on social media in late 2015. This will be the first time these songs will be heard in this classic format.

1. Roll Wid Us
2. Shakespeare
3. Carried Away
4. Electro Livin
5. Something Inside My Head
6. Comedy Tragedy History
7. Find No Enemy
8. Peace/Yours And My Children
9. Welcome To Dystopia
10. Fire In The Booth
11. Behind My Painted Smile
12. Absolute Power
13. Maangamizi
14. Old Soul
15. Malcolm Said It
16. The Thieves Banquet
17. Murder Runs The Globe
18. Sun Tzu
19. Mr Fire In The Booth


In this volume are contained an entire decade of Akala's lyrics - all the songs from the triple vinyl, his Fire In The Booth's and F64's - with Akala's thoughts and annotations on particular verses and lines revealing the inspiration and insight behind your favorite bars. This is accompanied by a photo-diary of the last decade, from the 'bal ed' days of the Roll Wid Us Video shoot, to the natty fro of Doublethink, to the dreads. Akala seems to have morphed with his music and lyrics before our eyes. This book is testament to that and to a decade of words.