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Illa State Records Presents: A Little Darker CD Album

CD $8.99

Release Date: 04/09/2006

Discs: 1

Featuring top UK Urban music talent: Ms. Dynamite & Akala (on all tracks), Giggs, JME, Bashy, Sincere, Roll Deep, Nasty Crew, Baby Blu, Shystie, Nolay, Jammer, Nekkle Camp and many more.

Production credits by Dexplicit, Davinche, Blakjack, Sticky, Ripperman, Redskull and more.

1. Ms. Dynamite - Kick You Out (Featuring Bear Man, Doctor, L Man)
2. Akala & Ms. Dynamite - Knowbody (Featuring Big Seac, Ghetto)
3. Ms. Dynamite - Way Back When
4. Akala - 16's (Featuring Baby, Fresh, Jenda, Purple, Rider, Shizzle, Wariko)
5. Ms. Dynamite - On (Featuring All In One)
6. Ms. Dynamite - So Much Flows (Featuring Jenda, Snipekeedo)
7. Akala & Ms. Dynamite - Don't Do It
8. Ms. Dynamite - Still Breathing (Featuring Purple)
9. Ms. Dynamite - Miss
10. Akala - IC3 (Featuring Buck Boy, Giggs)
11. Ms. Dynamite - Gonna Make It Through (Featuring Selah, Wariko)
12. Akala - S.K.I.T.Z. (Featuring Nekkle Camp, Slew Dem)
13. Ms. Dynamite - Don't Stop
14. Akala - London State Of Mind (Featuring Sincere)
15. Ms. Dynamite & Akala - Your Eyes (Featuring Gappy Ranks, J2K, Nathan, Sweetie Irie)
16. Akala - Tourettes (Featuring JME)
17. Ms. Dynamite - Bad Girls (Featuring Katie Pearl)
18. Akala - Dat Boy Akala
19. Ms. Dynamite - Murder (Featuring Flowdan, Riko)
20. Fumin & Rinser - What You Doin'?
21. Ms. Dynamite - N.A.S.T.Y. (Featuring Dynamite)
22. Ms. Dynamite - Bounce (Asher D., Bruza, J2K, Nathan)
23. Ms. Dynamite - Kick You Out (Remix) (Featuring Baby Blue, Nolay, Shystie)