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The War Mixtape Volume II Deluxe Edition CD Album

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Release Date: 01/09/2008

Discs: 2

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The long-awaited War Mixtape Vol. II sees the MOBO Award winning rapper return to his roots as an MC without equal. Spitting over some of the most classic hip-hop beats of all time Akala delivers another lyrical master-class on the dark realities of life on the streets of "so-called 'Great' Britain" and the self-belief needed to overcome institutional oppression. At the same time, in a series of venomous battle-raps, Kingslee "Akala" Daley leaves no doubt as to who rules the top of the MC'ing roost and challenges anyone who dares to step-up and try to grab his crown. As if that weren't enough Akala continues to break boundaries by rapping over several beats that may surprise the regular hip-hop mixtape crowd including tracks from Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, The Prodigy, Kasabian and DJ Shadow - proving once again that Akala truly is the 'rap-rock-electro kid'.

The mixtape has been mixed, blended, cut and scratched by MATTER, one of the hottest DJ's in LA. The double-CD also includes the original War Mixtape Vol. I.

Disc 1: Volume I (2004)

1. Welcome To England
2. Banga 4 Da Streets
3. Dead Prez - Freestyle
4. C.R.E.A.M - Freestyle
5. This Is London
6. Roll Wid Us
7. Roll Wid Us (Remix Ft E, Nikolow, Quest)
8. What Up Gangsta - Freestyle
9. Get Em Girl - Freestyle
10. U Ain't A Killer
11. Military Minds
12. Quiet Storm - Freestyle
13. Money Power Respect - Freestyle
14. Watcher - Freestyle
15. War 3:46
16. Bells Of War - Freestyle

Disc 2: Volume II (2008)

1. Welcome Back To England
2. Club Foot - Freestyle
3. Bring Da Pain - Freestyle
4. Truimph - Freestyle
5. Heaterz - Freestyle
6. Black Republicans - Freestyle
7. Akala Is Like
8. Made You Look
9. Overcome
10. Stress
11. In My Life Time - Freestyle
12. Juelz Part I
13. Juelz Part II
14. Rap, Rock, Electro Kid (Prodigy Freestyle)
15. Insomnia - Freestyle
16. Arctic Monkeys - Freestyle
17. Roll Wid Us '08
18. 54321 - Freestyle
19. Reckoner