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The Thieves Banquet CD Album

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Release Date: 27/05/2013

Discs: 1

Since the release of his critically acclaimed debut album ‘It’s Not A Rumour’ in 2005, Akala, (aka Kingslee Daley), has become one of Britain’s most revered and respected MCs. Offering an alternative to braggadocio and bling in Hip Hop, Akala has been heralded as ‘one of the very few UK spokespeople for credible hip hop’ (Time Out), while his music has been perennially lauded for being ‘Impassioned and articulate’ (Q). Moreover his reputation for stellar live performances has seen him grace stages across the globe, (from Brazil to Vietnam to Australia), and support a variety of artists including Jay Z, Nas, Damien Marley and M.I.A with his fiercely loyal fans renowned for travelling cross-country to catch his live show.

Written and co-produced by Akala and recorded with a full live band featuring Cassell ‘The Beatmaker’ (The Streets) on drums and Eric Appapoulay (Plan B) on bass, forthcoming album ‘The Thieves Banquet’ is inspired by the title of Ngugi wa Thiong'o’s Novel ‘The Devil On The Cross’. Effortlessly fusing rap, rock and electro-punk sounds with thought-provoking lyrical storytelling, ‘The Thieves Banquet’, is arguably Akala’s most inspired work to date.

1. Let It Happen
2. Lose Myself (Ft. Josh Osho)
3. Another Reason (Ft. Megan Quashie)
4. Old Soul (Ft. Asheber)
5. Malcolm Said It
6. The Thieves Banquet
7. One More Breath
8. Pissed Off
9. Maangamizi
10. Our Way, The Way (Ft. Ayanna Witter-Johnson)
11. A Game Named Life (Ft. Mai Khalil)

Bonus Track: The Thieves Banquet Part Two